Meet Christopher Elsey, also known as “That Jewelry Designer.”
Chris began in jewelry only back in December of 2015, started out as a CAD Designer and still is.  While designing is his primary focus, he is training on the bench to better his designs in the future. After about three months of non stop designing, he decided to make a design based on the League of Legends video game.
Without even knowing, this sky rocketed his career in the field. Chris continued to create pieces based off of video games, primarily League of Legends and Overwatch to be part of the community while working in jewelry. Once he discovered exactly how well he was doing, he decided to focus everything on his new found passion.
Now he’s continuing to focus on his video game pieces more and  more to provide a fine jewelry selecting for the community. It was this passion and tenacity which got Chris noticed more and more, not only by Riot Games the creators of League of Legends, but also other countries around the world, the store he now works at, and the Georgia Jewelers Association by being a first time winner of the “Georgia Jewelers Choice Award” in 2017 with the help of “The Pro-Fessional” while having so little experience in the field.
Chris plans to expand the games that he designs pieces off of, while also continuing education in gemology and designing.

The first video game piece That Jewelry Designer ever made. Coincidentally, it was finished on the one year anniversary of the start of his designs. The ring is a two-tone piece with an amazing sapphire and diamond accents. The ring was based off of the Taric Update comic in his climb of Mt. Targon.

The first of his video game pieces brought to life, The Tidecaller Pendant, based on Nami from League of Legends. This specific necklace was made with a brilliant moonstone and aquamarine accents, all for a Rioter himself.

The first commissioned piece for That Jewelry Designer. A ring based on Sona from League of Legends as an anniversary surprise for a Rioter. Made of three sapphires and 14kt white gold, the ring and filigree design were nothing less than stunning.