What is a Custom Design?



If you’ve dreamt it, we can make it!
In custom design, we use your own ideas for jewelry, and create the piece specifically for you. Almost anything you can think of can be made into a piece of jewelry, and we’d love to be the ones who did it for you!

So how does it work? It all start with an idea! We begin with whatever it is that you’d like designed, it can be a picture, a sketch, or even just writing out what you’d like to incorporate into the design. From there, we can actually determine a starting point and give a rough estimate of the price before going forward. Starting prices range entirely based on the design as well. Simple bands with no stones or much of any detail start at $470 to be casted in gold or silver, and then end at $1100 for fully fleshed out filigree (swirled art design) and difficult designs to be made in platinum.

After we have a general idea of what we’re making, we’ll start the actual process of creating the piece. To get started, you would need to pay half of the CAD Package price as a down payment (so if the CAD Package price is $655, you would need to pay $327.50 as a down payment to start). This half pays for the time our designers take to make the piece, and for the resin used in making a prototype of the piece. This half is also non-refundable because of that reason.

Once the down payment is paid, one of our designers will start on the design for you by making it in a 3D CAD program. After it’s been finished, they’ll email you renders of the model showcasing all of the details to it and also attaching pictures of the resin prototype. The resin prototype is specifically a plastic-wax polymer used in 3D printing to print the model and be sturdy enough to wear and handle. This same prototype can be used in the casting of the piece as well since it acts like a wax at high temperatures.

After the design is completed and approved by you, we go forward and begin manufacturing! Here is where you would pay the rest of what the job would cost; such as the other half of the CAD fee, the cost of the metal, the stones, and the labor to put everything together such as setting and soldering. After this portion is paid, we immediately start creating your design! This includes everything mentioned above and usually takes about two to three weeks from start to finish. The common overall time for a custom design is usually around four to six weeks. At this time, no changes can be made to the design. All changes have to be done in the designing phase otherwise they will not be added.





And that’s it! Your piece is finished, designed entirely to you, and then shipped straight to your door! If you are interested in having a piece made for you, then please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Estimate on designs are freely given as well but will normally take around two to three business days to follow up. Thank you for your interest!