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Stonewall Spun

The Stonewall Special



Introducing the Stonewall Special, designed and modeled for the YouTuber Stonewall008.

This piece was designed in mind to be unique and to help support him through hard times, half of the profits made through this piece will be directly donated to him.

The piece as a whole was designed based off of Aurelion Sol and Jarvan IV from League of Legends, his two favorite champions. The outer ring of the pendant is literally a stone wall, with the middle ring being three Star Sapphires with 1mm Diamonds trailing behind it. The inner ring is based off of Jarvan IV’s lance, using the top portion and cabochon London Blue Topaz to represent the gems in it. On the back of the pendant is Stonewall’s new logo stamped in.

It should be noted the entire piece spins around two axis, both the inner and middle rings spin around the horizontal axis, and the inner ring spins around a vertical axis. This piece was designed with inspiration from the Time Turner from Harry Potter, to spin in the same fashion.

Please remember all pieces are made to order and prices are made to reflect the work put into the piece such as setting the stones, casting, and solders, nothing is ever mass produced here! I hope you enjoy this piece as much as we do!

Additional Information

Metal and Stone Type

JS Brass Imitation Stones, 10kt Gold Genuine Stones, 14kt Gold Genuine Stones, 18kt Gold Genuine Stones,